Studies have been developed from the technology and intellectual property of SEADYN to support towing mechanisms, mooring technologies, cavitation (marine propeller signature) studies that have protected the US against all threats.
With technology from new systems developed by our parent company the technologies will be useful in the areas of oil exploration safety systems, new defensive technologies, and defensive systems that will protect the 200 mile boundaries of the US sea coast. The technology will also be useful the rivers and lakes and all of the objects that are towed or moored in the fresh water areas needing to be protected.

Our subsidiaries consist of:

Seadyn LLC is dedicated to the continued development of Mooring and Towing modeling and analysis solutions for best-case support in the protection of deep-sea utilities and infrastructure. Both Hardware and software solutions have been developed in cooperation with the Navy Civil Engineering Laboratories (NCEL) and is now a private enterprise.

Seadyn Mooring and Towing is responsible for the design of all marine design and development of any technology used to perform the construction of port and research facilities prior to implementation.

Seadyn Construction Corp is the oversight and holding company for all of the separate Construction groups that will be operating within regional areas, Europe , Middle East, Africa, Central America, Caribbean, South America, and Asia.

Seadyn Construction is responsible for all manufacture, assembly, and eventual implementation of the construction of all Marine based facilities under the Terradyn planned building of the Bakassi Deep Sea-Port, the Seadyn Marine Research Center and all other Marine based project requested by the Nigerian state and Federal governments.

Seadyn Development, LLC is also an innovator in the areas of Aquaculture science allowing for the advanced treatment of water solution dynamics to enhance the growth and development of aquatic life producing larger and cleaner produce as well as seafood.